Firefighting in Liskeard

The Liskeard fire department was formed in 16th January 1862 and became part of the N.F.S (or National Fire Service) in 1941. In 1948 Liskeard became home to one of the many fire stations of the Cornwall County Fire Brigade.

The fire fighters from this department would go on to fight many fires throughout the years such as the Trerulefoot fire on the 17th of March, 1950 or the Liskeard Rick Fire on the 12th of August 1932 and still a great job today.

This exhibition shows the equipment used by previous firemen and allows you to learn the great things the fire department has done over the years.


The National Fire Service

At its peak the N.F.S had over 370,000 members and the members were not only men as 80,000 of the members were women.

       During the second World War 1939-45, the N.F.S were often seen clearing up the aftermath of German bombings but they would also do a lot of war manufacturing (producing things like weaponry and ammunition) as their skills were very helpful in that field.


This dark blue uniform was given to full time and part time members of the N.F.S in 1941 which was during World War 2 1939-45.

These uniforms often came with a World War 2 military issue hose gas mask in a webbing carrying bag just in case of any German chemical attacks as well as insignias that showed the fireman’s rank.

MK.11 Steel NFS Helmet

These helmets were a key part of a 1941 N.F.S firefighter’s uniform. This particular helmet would have belonged to a leading fireman because of the painted red stripe.

These types of helmets started to be manufactured in September of 1938 and were not only used by the N.F.S but they were also sent and used in the police department and the military.

Silver Firefighting Helmet

These helmets were mostly used by firefighters in London between 1869-1900s. Helmets like these had a round leather inside to stop burns on the head of the fireman.

They were made by the Merriweather and sons firemen’s outfitters who have designed plenty of firefighting helmets in the past.

The Firefighter Whistle

This kind of whistle was used by fire men also in between 1869-1900’s. The small plate with a lion on it would be used to place the whistle on a fireman’s belt if he ever needs it.

The whistle was used to signal nearby firemen during a fire related emergency.

Fireman Uniform Buttons

These buttons were on most fireman uniforms in 1918 and sometime afterwards, however the most common design for these buttons was one with two crossed axes and a classic fireman helmet in-between.

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