Daniel Gumb Room

Gumb was born to a stonecutter in Stoke Climsland where his father worked close by in the quarry. Daniel was highly studious where he shows a great interest in mathematics and astronomy. Despite the fact that he followed his father in stone cutting, he was often called upon to map and chart local estates due to his mathematical skills. In order to enjoy both stone cutting and astronomy, he tunnelled a home out of a sloping site of granite making three rooms so he was close to the quarry but it also allowed him to be uninterrupted whilst stargazing.

Currently on display

‘Threads – capturing memories woven in fabric’. Join us on a nostalgic voyage back into the early 1900s. Uncover the tales of local people told through the lens of clothing and glimpse into the life of Edwardian Liskeard. This room also includes children’s activity area.