Wheelchair access – The museum is located on a steep hill which may make getting to the museum difficult.

There is a lift situated in the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) which is located as you enter the museum. This provides access to the 1st floor of the museum where the Daniel Gumb Room and John Rapson Room are located. Additionally, it provides access to the Jeanne Rees research room on the 2nd floor where you can request access to the museum’s historical files for your own personal research. Moreover, there is plenty of space in the walkways so that you can move around at your own convenience.

In the Summer Holidays, we plan to provide low stimulation mornings so that those who struggle with high stimulation can enjoy the museum worry free. More information to follow, to stay updated keep an eye on the news section of the website and our social media pages.

Here you can download our sensory and stimulation guide map which shows the areas of low and high stimulation in the museum: